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An erection begins with something arousing, like an erotic image. Impulses are then fired off from the brain to the lower part of your body. Nitric oxide stimulates the nerves and causes the smooth muscles of the penis to relax. Increase quantities of blood flow in through the right and left arteries of your penis. Then, as the 'corpora cavernosa' swells it finally presses against the veins that allow blood to flow out and blocks them.

OrvigoMax contains powerful ingredients that work similar to prescription drugs, allowing more blood to flow into the penis and preventing outflow. This means that you will be harder for longer and without the side effects.
OrvigoMax uses the same medicinal herb (Epimedium) that Pfizer copied to make the chemical structure of Sildenafil. This herbs maximizes your libido and your nitric oxide production.
You will feel it working in one hour after your first dose.
If you are happy with your hardness now, you'll be even more pleased in as little as 3-4 days
You can retain this hardness, sexual performance and pleasure for months and years to come
You will heighten the sensitivity of your penis and have richer orgasms
You'll jump start your energy systems, improve the conditioning of your body, restoring a new sense of confidence
You'll enhance the performance and sexual satisfaction of your partner
You'll reduce sexual anxiety and be able to truly let go and enjoy sex
"I just popped 2 capsules and 1 hour later I had the biggest boner of my life. This stuff really works!"
"I've used herbal supplements before but this one is incredible. Now I don't feel tired after sex and could go on and on and on"
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